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What to Do in Cases of Police Brutality

Police brutality can be described as acts of a police officer to a citizen using unnecessary physical force, verbal attacks and psychological intimidation. To cite an example, it can be as plain as the use of a police officer’s position to make a person agree to his or her search or request. It is observed that police brutality can happened any time as one would interact with a police officer, even at the place of the police department.

Every citizen is advised to know his or her rights to protect oneself if they think that they are victims of police brutality. When interacting with a police officer, remember the most important action to do and this is your right to remain silent. It is advisable that the sooner you put into writing or gather evidences during the incident would be advantageous and useful, such as the time, place, police officers present, and other interactions that happened. Also, make sure that you have all the records for your lawyer to use if you decide to have one, and to have medical treatment if need be in your condition.

Be informed that when police officers are provoked by some individuals, they are legally able to use force. Be aware that in some cases, there are policemen who would use force in unprovoked situation and even if only moderate force is needed. In some cases, serious injury and death resulted from excessive force. Therefore, be informed that it is punishable by law if there is wrongful death caused by police brutality.
It is said that the most common cause of police brutality is the officer’s psychological state or described as how the officer viewed the situation that resulted to the reaction, aside from other several reasons.

One example of a situation that will lead to a police officer’s brutality is when the officer feels being disrespected by the individual in question, and even if the act is not the legal thing to do, the officer will act out against this person who disrespected him or her. Police officers may conduct this brutality either to punish the person for disrespecting him or her, or to intimidate those persons who are present during the encounter.

Racial profiling is another situation when excessive force could be used by a police officer. Be aware of the fact that it is counted as brutality when an officer racially profiles an individual and thus may over act on the crimes committed by that individual, or may falsely accuse a person because of his or her ethnicity.

Know that the officer should be held accountable for his or her actions whatever is the reason of the police to use excessive force. But know that in most circumstances, it is difficult and tricky to pinpoint police brutality. In such cases, it would be wise to get the help of a lawyer whose specialty is in police brutality to help you in your situation.

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