Opinions and Environments; The Two Ways to Start a Conversation That are the Exact Opposite

Is it ever going to be easy to talk to a woman, seemingly randomly, at a social event? The answer is almost certainly no. It is going to be awkward and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many men stumble face first into a conversation, and yet it ends up going pretty well. The reason this is probably the case, at least partly, is that the man owned it. He was self-aware of it by acknowledging his own insecurity.

The trick in conversing with a woman for the first time is to openly embrace the fact that this is an attempt at flirting. This is an attempt at starting a conversation awkwardly and trying to dig around for an “opener.”

No Opening Lines

The secret of the opener may not be to have an opening line at all. A better approach is to have an opening “theme” that seems sincere and honest. This will require men to think on their feet and alter their “line” based on what is happening around them. A wonderful way to tackle this is to make a comment about the environment. It should be funny or at least comment on something that could be perceived as funny.

If a guy is carrying three drinks on one hand, acknowledge it. Make a joke about the guy dropping it all of them. Make a comment about how loud it is. Will this make it less awkward? No, probably not. But, it has the potential to spark a conversation where both the girl and the guy can instantly see what is being talked about.

Time for an Opinion

The “comment on the environment” is the exact opposite of another strategy. This is to ask an opinion. Some men have a hard time with this one, but it can be more successful in the first 30 seconds. This is because it has the potential to actually spark a conversation about something of some kind of substance.

Asking a girl about her favorite color could spark a conversation about how great pink is. Commenting on something in the room could simply spark a “Sure, I guess.” let it out, talk it out, and always be sincere.